2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB

2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB
2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB

2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB

Package: (2) Rockville RSG-12.24 Dual 12 Three-Way 2000 Watts Peak/1000 Watts RMS 4-Ohm Carpeted Passive Loudspeaker with Three 3" Piezo Bullet Tweeters, Two 12" Woofers, and a 1 High Efficiency Piezo Compression Horn + Rockville RPM870 8 Channel 6000 Watt Powered Mixer with USB, Effects, 8 XDR2 Mic Pre's and Bluetooth + (2) Rockvile RCSS1610 10' 16 AWG 2-Conductor Speakon to Speakon Pro Speaker Cable with 100% Copper Conductors for Lower Resistance and a Black PVC Jacket for Both Durability and Flexibility. Condition: BRAND NEW IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING. (2) Rockville RSG12.2 Dual 12 2000 Watt 3-Way 4-Ohm Passive DJ/Pro Audio PA Speaker. (1) Rockville RPM870 8 Channel 6000w Powered Mixer w/USB, Effects, 8 XDR2 Mic Pres.

(2) Rockvile RCSS1610 10' 16 AWG Speakon to Speakon Speaker Cable 100% Copper. We are proud to introduce to you the Rockville RSG series of speakers.

These are affordable speakers with high-end performance; specially built for DJ's as well as professional audio applications. The goal was to create a line of passive DJ speakers that were double as good as the competition but cost half as much. The Rockville RSG-12.24 speaker system features two high quality 12 low frequency woofers with three electronic, high-efficiency piezo bullet tweeters and one high efficiency piezo compression horn tweeter to provide a true full-range of sound.

This speaker produces an incredible amount of power. 2000 Watts peak, 1500 Watts Program Power, and 1000 Watts RMS Power. With 60 Oz magnets, you can be sure these speakers will produce the power you expect out of them. Constructed using thicker than standard, high-quality, high-density materials our cabinets are strong and rigid yet light weight enough to make travel and set-up a breeze.

Built-in ergonomic, recessed handles give these speakers additional carrying ease, for all you DJ's who travel from party to party. The sturdy custom-molded steel grill protects the drivers combined with steel corner protectors, pre-mounted rubber isolating feet and durable, aviation grade black carpet make our speaker cabinets tough enough to withstand every day abuse.

Engineered from the ground up, the tapered trapezoidal shape, produces wide, clear sound dispersion that will reproduce your program source materials loudly, with accuracy and musical transparency. Multiple inputs, typically found on high-end speakers are standard equipment on the Rockville RSG-12.24. Two input connectors, ΒΌ IN/OUT and speakON connection make the Rockville RSG-12.24 able to integrate in to any existing amplification system. So if you are looking for a top-of-the-line quality DJ speaker that is rugged, can handle lots of power and sounds incredible, then the Rockville RSG-12.24 has got you covered.

Rockville RSG-12.24 Carpeted Passive Loudspeaker. (2) 12 Pro Audio Woofer. (3) Piezo 3 Bullet Tweeters. (1) High Efficiency Piezo Compression Horn. 2 High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil. Frequency Response: 40Hz - 22 kHz. Dimensions: (15.4+8.6)x12.5x40.5in.

Construction: Top quality MDF - Stapled, Bonded & Braced. The Rockville RPM870 is an 8 channel powered console mixer with USB input.

There were a few goals we had when designing this mixer. The first one was it had to have the clearest sound quality with the best quality mic preamps. We manufactured this mixer with XDR2 low noise mic preamps. These are some of the best sounding mic pres on the market.

They compete in quality with any brand on the market! The next goal we had was versatility.

We also built in a 24 bit digital effects processor that sounds great. We didnt include 99 effects which all sound the same.

Rather we included 16 solid effects that are each useful. You can customize each effect in the FX control section of the mixer. The last goal was to include a built-in amplifier that is powerful enough for your main speakers so that you can use this mixer for large events with over 500 guests. We tested this and we ran the mixer to (2) Mackie C300Z speakers, and even with the volume turned up half way these were filling an extremely large room with sound!

We also tested these with dual 15 DJ speakers and really cranked them and the sound of the highs and lows were crisp and clean. The great thing about this is the amp does not overheat even when cranking it for hours straight. We rate the RMS very strictly the way famous brands like Mackie rate their items. We also supply you with program and peak ratings but RMS is the true continuous output power you should look at.

Other great features are a dual 7 band master EQ, a 4 band EQ on each channel, an EQ kill switch, and pad and solo buttons on each channel. Rounding things out, we added a USB input that has 2 functions. It can play back your audio tracks.

But what is really cool is that you can record your main mix onto the USB! We also added bluetooth to this mixer to give you all the latest and greatest options.

On top of this, we are offering a. Just be sure to send it back including the original packaging. Rockville RPM870 8 Channel 6000w Powered Mixer, 7 Band EQ, 24-Bit Effects, USB, 48V Phantom Power. 8 Channel mixer section: 6 mono channels, 1 stereo channel.

8 high-quality XDR2 mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones. XDR2 mic preamps are low-noise and low distortion.

1 dedicated USB input to play back music or record the main mix. USB supported formats are MP3, WAV, WMA. Built in bluetooth wireless audio streaming. 24 BIT digital effects processor with 16 preset digital effects including (reverb, chorus,, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger and various multi-effects). Effects level control can adjust signal level of each effect. FX footswitch input lets you turn your effects on or off. 4-Band EQ (high, high-mid, low-mid, low) per channel. Each channel is equipped with pad, must, and solo buttons with LEDs. Each channel has gain, aux control, FX control, Pan control, Volume control. Peak LED indicator has a red LED that indicates a signal level that is 5dB below clipping. Dual Stereo 7-band Graphic EQ allows for precise frequency correction of monitor and main outputs (with EQ kill switch). You can control your monitor mix and check levels through your headphones. Limit L and Limit R LED indicators. These limiters are designed to go brighter as clipping gets stronger and will remain lit up until the channels stop clipping. We recommend lowering the gain if you see these LEDs lit up. Power and Output level LED indicators. Main output fader allows you to fade the sound between the left and right channel.

RCA input, RCA output, and USB player. Headphone jack for monitoring the master signal and individually monitoring each channel with PFL, L/R.

Gain control adjusts he sensitivity from -60dB to -20dB when the pad button is in the out position. When the pad button is pressed in the gain will adjust from 240dB to 0dB.

Solo button allows you to hear the signals through your headphones or to the control room without having to route them to the main mix. This works even with the fader turned down. You can use this to preview channels before they are let into the mix or just to check out a channel during a live performance. You can solo as many channels at a time as you want.

Built in cooling fan and ventilation system. USB input supports unlimited capacity (as many GB as you want). Dimensions: (LWH) 15.16 x 17.72 x 7.09 inches / 38.5 x 45 x 18 cm. All Rockville pro audio cables are made with 100% copper which boosts the efficiency of the cable. There is nothing better than 100% copper. Most of the cheaper cables on the market do not use 100% copper, instead they make their cables with CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). CCA cables do not perform on the level that 100% copper cables perform at. CCA will not conduct signals efficiently.

A 12 gauge CCA cable will not even perform as well as a 14 gauge 100% pure copper cable, which will in turn, affect the performance and longevity of your equipment. Rockville pays an inspection company to oversee the manufacturing of the product to ensure that we provide a 100% Oxygen Free Copper Cable (OFC). Our OFC cables are less prone to oxidation, and will provide maximum signal transfer.

The other important factor of a cable is the shielding. Most of the good brands on the market have about 85% shielding coverage, so we decided to take our shielding a step further. Rockville cables are shielded with a tight copper mesh, covering 90% of the cable! The high percentage of coverage increases the ability to absorb the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) that suppresses signal and degrades the performance of equipment. Rockville Cables copper shielding provides great flexibility, maintains a durable structural integrity, while decreasing signal interference ensuring enhanced signal clarity with every use.

Rockville RCSS16-10 16 AWG 2-Conductor SpeakON to SpeakON Pro Speaker Cable. 100% Copper Conductors for Lower Resistance.

Black PVC Jacket for Both Durability and Flexibility. Intended for High-Current Applications Only, Not Line-Level Signals. If your item is defective or you want to return it for any reason within the first 30 days of when it was delivered to you; you have the following options. We will send you a. To replace the item for a brand new one.

All replacements and exchanges are free. This includes blown speakers with burned voice coils. Item Code: (2) RSG12.24+RPM870+(2) RCSS1610. The item "2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB" is in sale since Friday, October 18, 2019.

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2 Rockville RSG12.24 Dual 12 2000w 3-Way DJ/Pro PA Speakers+Powered Mixer withUSB